The Four Things that Customers Buy

#1. The Sales Representative: The customer never has the opportunity to experience the product or company until he or she first "buys" the salesperson. To the customer, you represent the product and company, and you have tremendous influence over the customer’s decision to own.
#2. Service: There are two types of sales organizations, those who are price-driven and those who are service- and/or value-driven.  The price driven company and salesperson operate on the "one-night-stand philosophy" get in, get out. This type of company does not care about developing customer relationships. The sell only to customers who buy low price, not service and responsibility, whereas the service- and/or value-driven company most likely has long-term customers and referrals.
#3. Delivery: If you can deliver on time with predictability, you can often overcome the price objection. Dominos Pizza, for instance, dominated the market with the most expensive pizza, but their one giant selling differential was on-time delivery.
#4. Warranties: Many products today require the services of technicians. A major fear for many consumers is being stuck with a machine fax, computer, phone system, etc which fails. Providing outstanding service and warranties to assure customer satisfaction overcomes price sensitivity.
Remember, the customer will always initially think your price is too high. Therefore, differentiation of your product or service and the willingness to show value in comparison to what else is available is essential.

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