Motivated Beyond Mediocrity

How Committed Are You?

A newspaper reporter secured a private meeting with the devil. The reporter was especially curious about the misleading method around which the devil had built his reputation. What is the most useful technique you use to trick people, he asked? Is it Dishonesty? Greed? Lust? Jealously? Vanity? What do you do to confuse a person from reaching their maximum potential?

The devil chuckled and said, "All you have mentioned is of little consequence. The most useful weapon I have is Apathy."

So there you have it, straight from the mouth of the lowest of the low, an "I Don’t Care Attitude" will strip life from the loftiest of possibilities.

Here is a barometer to judge your level of passion toward your career. I call it the "last minute, first minute, and every minute in between attitude." If you arrive at the last possible minute, and leave at the first minute the clock strikes 5:00, having counted every minute in between until quitting time, you are involved in the wrong career."

Jim Rohn said, "Average people look forward to getting off. Successful people look forward to getting on." My personal credo is, "If you can’t get out, then you better get in, but if you cannot get in, then you better get out."

So if you think I’m being hard on you today, just consider that every message cannot be easy.

Be productive!

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