Attaining E-Mail Excellence

While direct mail has lost some of its ability to effectively connect with prospects who often see the mailing as simply "junk mail," e-mail marketing has now become an incredibly effective and interactive method of helping prospects reach you.

E-mail marketing has an incredibly high return on investment because you’re only paying for your recipient list and the creative services used to create the art, copy, and e-mail itself, because there are no printing costs, and because those you are e-mailing have already opted to receive such mailings these people actually want to hear from you and are far more likely to read what you have sent and make contact with you.

Many of you may have already begun to dip your toes into the e-mail marketing game, and have seen the incredible results. Others of you may have tried, but without attaining the response rate you’d hoped for. The keys to effective email marketing are consistency, a strategically developed message, and a website landing page that captures registrations.

Where most builders and developers fail with e-mail marketing is in applying consistency. Simply sending out one e-mail message and expecting hard returns is unlikely to accomplish anything. Think more in terms of a campaign where a new e-mail goes out every two weeks, and possibly more often to promote community-specific events.

And, just as important as applying consistency, your message must be on-target and resonate with your audience. If you understand who the correct buyer is, you can create e-mails that are appropriate for their wants and needs. You also must provide the recipients with some incentive to make contact with you.

Typically, when NDG Communications creates an e-mail campaign, the e-mail provides a link to a "website landing page" that provides the e-mail recipient with a form to register to receive more information in exchange for some reward, possibly to enter for a drawing at an event, or the chance to win some prize. The recipient has an incentive, and you now have a registered (and most likely qualified) lead with full contact details.

Stay tuned for more from real estate advertising & e-marketing expert Tom Nelson of NDG Communications.

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