Brother, Can You Spare a Sale?

In the wonderful world of new home sales, you build a model with the vision of "Field of Dreams.” If you build it, they will come. So, you end up with a fully furnished model filled with the wonderful sales literature you’ve developed, the site map, floor plans, and samples to tempt those buyers who come walking in your door.

But is that really enough for you?

Waiting for a walk-in is like being on welfare. It’s a handout for those who have no other options to make a sale. If I don’t hand you a prospect, you can’t make a sale. If you are empowered with a beautiful model home and all the selling tools, then what is your excuse for waiting for the sales to come to you?

Dell used to have retail stores but Michael Dell shut them down. Not because they weren’t profitable, but because it was the wrong way to sell his vision of the business. Since you never knew who or how many customers would cross the threshold on any given day, you’ve basically invested in the business of unpredictability. He believed that a retail storefront meant you waited for the walk-ins before you made a sale, and he knew he couldn’t afford to wait for sales he needed to generate them.

Like Dell, I believe that you need to make a sale, not wait for one. Get creative. With 51% of new home sales resulting from the relationship with a cooperating real estate agent, you need to get out there and build that referral network. Get off the welfare line and take charge of your future. Success does not come to those who wait.


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