9 Buying Signals You Might Be Missing

Many new home sales people tell me they don’t recognize buying signals from a prospect. I say that you don’t need x-ray vision to see them. Here are some strong vibes coming your way:

  1. They walk into your model. In spite of everything they’ve been warned about buying in a down economy, they’ve come to your model. They’ve already passed a significant hurdle!
  2. They make an appointment and actually show up. This says, “Hello, I’m here. Sell me!”
  3. They come with a real estate agent. Take #1 and add this fact that they have enlisted the help of a sales pro. This signal is about as subtle as a bullhorn!
  4. They Inquire about the state of the market. This is a request to be convinced that what they’ve heard isn’t the harsh reality.
  5. They tell you they have no intention of buying today. Uttering this phrase is more to convince the prospect than to put you off. This prospect is expecting you to back off with a casual “warning”; if you do, you’ve foolishly lost a sale.
  6. They go out to the property with you. Time is precious. A tire-kicker won’t spend it on this extra effort.
  7. They give you contact information. Imagine meeting someone interesting who hands you a phone number and says, “Call me sometime.” If you don’t make that call, you’re missing a blatant signal of interest!
  8. They return your calls. Take #7 and multiply it by two.
  9. They Ask about incentives. Your prospect is on the cusp of saying, “Yes!” but making sure they aren’t potentially missing an even better deal.

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