Health is a deficiency need–New Home Sales Training

When you are healthy, sickness is not on your mind. You just take for granted that you will keep breathing, your heart will continue to beat, and all the internal organs are humming along as they should be. Similarly, when you have a comfortable financial cushion, you don’t worry about money.

Health and wealth are both deficiency needs. They only rise to prominence in your actions when they are lacking. The time to think about your health is before you get sick. The time to amass your wealth is when you are healthy.

Recently, I have seen people close to me be forced to deal with serious health and/or financial issues. It’s an eye-opening experience. I’ve seen how neglect can take its toll on a person and the people around them –¬†loved ones, friends, co-workers, employees, and the many people who rely on an individual to be an active participant in their world.

Health, I have discovered, is the greatest gift you can have. All the wealth you can imagine will not help you if your health is compromised. Take preventative measures. Don’t skip that annual check-up or ignore a symptom. Get the tests that are recommended. Follow your doctor’s guidelines for diet, activity, and vaccines. Because you will not live forever but you can make smarter choices to live longer.

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