The Mindset of an Entrepreneur

The word "entrepreneur" has become all too common in our conversation these days. With so many people starting their own businesses, particularly in light of e-commerce, it seems as if everyone has at least a little entrepreneurial spirit. From the kid who starts a lawn clean-up business to people like Steve Jobs, Debbie Fields, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates who made millions from their business vision, the entrepreneur is a reflection of the American Dream.

My personal definition of an entrepreneur is someone who can turn nothing into something. An entrepreneur is a visionary who knows the glass is always full, even if it’s just air taking up that space. Water and air are different forms of matter, in the scientific sense. And, in the sociological sense, the entrepreneur puts mind over matter. He sees what can be, not what is.

In the world of new home sales, an entrepreneur is the savvy individual who sees possibilities. When a prospect walks into the model and proclaims, "I’m not buying," this optimistic creator of circumstances sees opportunity. Rather than take the words at face value, the entrepreneur recognizes that any individual who takes the time to walk into a model has the potential for a sale. It’s up to the salesperson to direct that conversion.

The entrepreneur can see an obstacle but doesn’t allow it to act as one. Life is filled with opportunities to anyone who can see that the glass is just brimming with them!

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