No such thing as a bad salesperson.

When people complain about ill-behaved children or pets, I always point to the fact that it’s not their fault that no one has established boundaries for good behavior. When a parent ignores a child’s public tantrum or a pet owner can’t control an aggressive dog, the problem lies with poor leadership.

The same truth applies to the bad salesperson. Perhaps you have someone on your team who is under-performing. You’re passing along leads and traffic like a blackjack dealer doling out face cards and aces. But nothing happens. Do you keep shoveling more leads or teach this person to more effectively close sales?
The "bad salesperson"like the bad child or dog” is a reflection on the person who is truly in charge of those behaviors. So, "I have a bad salesperson" is one of the most self-deprecating and derogatory comments a sales manager can make. After all, aren’t you the one who is responsible for hiring, training, and retaining this non-performer? What does this say about your leadership and management skills?

A salesperson needs training to deliver the results you need and expect. Part of being a responsible manager is providing the guidance to help your team grow in their craft. Take the time to determine if your "bad salesperson" has the fundamental skills that are necessary (ambition, communication, initiative). If so, invest in better training and you will experience the ROI. If not, refer to my post on de-hiring.

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