The Dream Date

I’ve blogged in the past about the importance of creating a “magical experience” for the home buyer and compared the feeling to a Disney vacation. I recently talked about this strategy with a woman who had never been to the happiest place on Earth. She couldn’t quite grasp the magic I was describing.

So I asked her to tell me the difference between a magical date and an ordinary one. Her eyes sparkled as she clearly recalled an event that exceeded any other in her memory.

While she reveled in her reverie, I said, “That’s what I’m talking about. You remember the magical evening while all those less memorable dates fade away behind the better memories.” And she understood immediately.

Now imagine if your customer could fall in love with the new home you’re selling. By helping them discover the magic of living here, you can. Court them with the enthusiasm and passion of a suitor. Make the extra effort to put them at the center of the experience, one where they drift into the unrivalled joy of buying and living in a new home. You can do that by putting their needs, interests, and desires at the center of the discussion. Just as with a Disney vacation and your magical date, it’s about the overall experience, not the individual bits and pieces. The bouquet of flowers, the starlit boat ride down the river, and even the discovery that the two of you share the same favorite movie are the separate ingredients that contribute to — but don’t make — a magical experience. Each, on its own, is special but not exceptional. It is the sum of the wonderful parts that create the stellar buying moment.

As a new home salesperson, court your buyer with the goal of delivering the magical, memorable experience that not only sells the home, but also creates a happy homeowner who will make happy referrals.

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