Things to think about in the office

The brain is a magnificent tool, when used correctly. Unfortunately, most people misuse it. Your brain responds to questions, those that are asked of you and those that you pose to yourself. Your brain is reflexive. It shoots back an answer to a question like a skilled tennis player in a volley.

The true challenge here is the quality of the questions. Do you lob easy queries to yourself or do you slam thought-provoking questions that test your brain? Ask a dumb question and you get a dumb answer—the old garbage in, garbage out methodology. But this type of thinking does nothing more than shuffle junk around, leaving the vast potential of your mind power unexplored.

What do you do when you’re sitting in your model or sales center, waiting for someone to wander in? Are you surfing the Web in search of something to do this weekend or a great deal on a new gadget? Have you convinced yourself that the next person who comes in will just be a looker with no real buying plans?

Try revving up your brain’s potential by asking questions that can help you improve your sales skills:

How can I uncover a new customer?
How can I deliver a better sales presentation?
How do my customers benefit by choosing to work with me?
What new thing can I learn today that will make me a better salesperson?
How can I get a referral today?
How can I expand my outreach?
What can I do to improve my attitude and think more positively?

Don’t just think about these questions. Take out a pad of paper and write down your answers. By asking solutions-oriented questions, you become an active idea generator.

Bill Gates once asked himself, how do we become the intelligence to run every computer in the world? This was a thoughtful question that made him think carefully about a realistic solution. The result became Microsoft.

Ask yourself the right questions and your brain will lead you to the right answers.

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