Profit or Loss?

It isn’t easy to make a profit in the construction industry; but it’s next to impossible to make one if you start discounting your home’s price before you even try to sell it. And yet that’s what many salespeople and builders do.

Four years ago when the housing market was vibrant and hot, buyers would never have thought about asking for a discount. Today it’s a different story, of course. There are too many homes competing for the same buyers. So builders and their sales team start out on the defensive trying to justify their prices. They assume everyone is bargain shopping. Therefore, if they offer the lowest price, they will get the sale.

Despite what you may think, all home buyers are not shopping price. They aren’t looking for the cheapest house to buy. Deep down, they know they get what they pay for. If they pay too much, they lose a little money; but if they pay too little, they lose a whole lot more in terms of service, quality, warranties and property value.

What home buyers want is the best home for them and they would probably like to get it at a discount or with an incentive package thrown in. What you need to do is to illustrate how your home is the best one for them. Show off its features … sell its value … defend its price instead of justifying it.

Do it right and your buyers will wonder why your home doesn’t cost a whole lot more.

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