Why not build a one-size-fits-all house?

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood and here you are building your twentieth house on Duplicate Drive. Standing back, you survey your models. Each three-bedroom, two-bath home is identical with carbon-copy floor plans.

So what if a three-bedroom house doesn’t accommodate every family? So what if the homes aren’t customized? So what if there isn’t much of a market for a one-size-fits-all house?
This is how you’ve always built homes. You’re not big on change. Besides, the market should accommodate you.

In reality, builders of single-family homes wouldn’t dream of using identical blueprints for every model home. So why do they have a one-size-fits-all approach to selling their homes?

Too many builders still operate under the same blueprint they created in 2006 when the housing market had just started to cool. That blueprint is: To sell more homes, discount them.

So, they do. But what they lose sight of is the bottom line. Why build houses if you don’t make money?
“But I have to discount, Myers, to stay competitive,” they say.
Not really. Just like all buyers don’t want a three-bedroom ranch … all buyers aren’t looking for discounts.
Oh, sure, they’ll take one if you offer it; but what they’re really looking for is a home that will accommodate their needs, family, and income.

Instead of automatically discounting the home, take the time to sell buyers on its features and the many reasons your home will meet their needs.

That’s a blueprint for success…and profitability.

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