Faintly Familiar Fable #1 – Cindy Ella

Cindy Ella stood in the kitchen of her stepmother’s home washing dishes. “If only my prince would come and take me away from all this,” she whispered to herself.

Unfortunately, her evil stepsisters heard her. “Ha! Listen to you whine! Instead of standing at the sink wishing and washing, why don’t you get out and work for what you want?”

Not bad advice, Cindy Ella thought, and she threw down her dishtowel, walked out the door and started selling new homes. Unfortunately, the market was in a slump. Homes weren’t moving. Competition was intense. “Maybe you should go back to wishing for your prince,” her evil stepsisters taunted. “You’re such a loser!”

One day, Cindy Ella was pondering her dilemma when a light went off in her head. She read online that China had become the second largest economic power in the world. She realized that throughout history financial power had regularly shifted from one country to another.

Inspiration struck. “In every economic downturn, someone prospers. That ‘someone’ could be me,” she concluded.

Cindy Ella stopped blaming a slack economy for her lack of success. She began listening to motivational tapes in her car, reading books about new home sales, and memorizing sales scripts. She watched others who were successful in selling new homes and she did what they did. She even signed up for the Myers Barnes’ New Home Sales University.

Within a year, Cindy Ella was the top new home salesperson in her company. She was so successful her evil stepsisters asked her for jobs. Being a forgiving soul, Cindy Ella hired them to wash her Prius and clean model homes.

The Moral: The same money is in the world today that’s always been there. It’s just changed hands. To prosper, you have to get your hands on your share, and that takes more derring-do than bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. Learn the rules and the rhythm of today’s housing market and then play it better than anyone else.

This fable is due to the creativity of my wonderful friend and Editor, Shirley Mozingo:
Shirley Mozingo is a freelance writer and editor who can be reached at oceanwriter@earthlink.net.

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