How lucky are you?

A recent article in Reader’s Digest titled “How to Get Lucky” documented scientific proof that we make our own luck.

After conducting a 10-year study, the writer discovered that “lucky” people follow some basic principles. They (1) are more open to opportunities around them; (2) are receptive to change; (3) create self-fulfilling prophecies through positive expectations; (4) see what is really there instead of looking for what they want to see and (5) adopt a resilient attitude that turns misfortune around.

He observed how “unlucky” people tend to keep the same routine, while “lucky” people add variety and new experiences to their lives. As an example, he said to imagine that you are living in the center of an apple orchard. Each day you must collect a basket full of apples. At first, you can find them everywhere, so it doesn’t matter where you look. Gradually though, it becomes more difficult to find apples in the places you’ve gone to previously. However, if you go to new areas of the orchard, the odds of finding apples increase dramatically.

In other words, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the same kinds of results; but if you change, you might get “lucky.”

Apply this principle to the problem of not having enough potential or qualified buyers, and the answer is obvious: Look in new places and do what you haven’t been doing.

Change your sales process. Use the Internet more in scouting for buyers and marketing your homes. Research your database for prospects. Ask previous buyers for referrals. Network at community events. Send out direct mail or e-mail campaigns.

Go out on a limb. You might get lucky.

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