But wait! There's more!

You won’t necessarily steal customers from competitors because your homes are the least expensive or because your builder offers the most incentives or because you have the best promotions. You will increase sales by being superior in both your sales process and your marketing.

If you are in competition with another builder who has a better home, but does minimal marketing, you will come out on top because the person with superior sales and marketing will always beat the person with a superior product.

Want proof? Think of all those infomercials. Remember the singing bass on the wall, the Pocket Fisherman and Ginsu Steak Knives? Were these the best products? Not by a long shot. But wait! There’s more! They did have one thing going for them – a great sales and marketing campaign.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t offer small incentives and promotions as a form of strategy. What I am suggesting is that, to improve sales, you don’t make promotions and pricing your major focus. Concentrate your efforts on selling solutions and marketing those solutions to buyers.

If you take a different approach, you may find that you won’t have to wait to get more.

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