New Home Sales Training: Self-talk Scenario #1

In this series we are talking about the inner dialog we, as new home sales agents, experience when buyers walk through the door.  There may be any number of reasons why prospects push back on price, but it is our job to cut through both the buyers inner reasons for trying to negotiate the price and our own self talk and take control of the process.

Buyer says: “That seems like a lot for this house.”

Buyer thinks: “The house down the street is $5,000 less and you look desperate. Bet I can negotiate and get this price lower.”

You think: “He’s shopped around and found cheaper houses. He’s lumping this one in the same category. I need to show him the many ways it’s unique and sell the features of the house instead of the house itself.”

You say: “Did you notice my new car out front? It’s new. Just bought it two months ago. Shopped around a lot before spending that kind of money. Most people do the same thing when they’re shopping for a new home. I could have bought a less expensive car, of course, but it didn’t have the particular features I wanted. It’s the same way in buying a new home. You can’t just shop price. A new home should fulfill what you need and want for your family. Let me show you how this home does that.”

As you begin to refocus the conversation on features versus price you speak to the buyers own self talk and start to show them what purchasing a home is really about.

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