New Home Sales Training: Little things mean a lot

Pay attention to subtleties when selling new homes … not only to what buyers say, but also to what you observe. Do you notice a dog leash in the car? Point out the home’s large backyard. Is there an infant seat in the back? Talk about the daycare opportunities and playgrounds nearby and what a great community this is for a growing child.

Do you see a book about birds lying on front seat? Mention the nearby aviary or how the trees in the neighborhood attract a variety of local birds.

Do they have med-alert bracelets or cancer-awareness pins? Mention the proximity of the neighborhood to medical facilities and discuss your personal charitable involvements.

Check their cars for bumper stickers or window decals. Are they wearing shirts or baseball caps with logos or lettering? These may provide hints about their interests, hobbies, dining preferences, or favorite sport/team.

Is the couple physically fit? Praise the local health club or the community fitness center or point out how easily one of the bedrooms could be converted into an exercise room.

You learn a lot by sleuthing … not snooping … and asking questions. Get into the minds of your buyers. Unearth some common ground. This is valuable real estate because it’s where their memories, desires and dreams are housed.

To them, you’re selling more than a home. You’re selling hope.

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