Leak #15: Lack of an Identifiable Sales Process – Leaking Profits: Article 18

Selling is a process, which means it follows a series of identifiable steps in order to progress from prospecting to closing. If you have not developed an actual process and trained your team in this system, then you are leaving a critical role up to chance.

• Level 1: The Anti-process
• Everyone does his or her own thing.
• Success is inconsistent and unpredictable.
• Level 2: The Passive process: Is anyone watching?
• You assume people follow a process, but fail to monitor them or measure their results.
• What gets measured is what gets done.
• Level 3: The Structured process
• The process is tested, monitored, measured, and adjusted to the marketplace.
• Better to have failure with a proven process, than success in the absence of a proven process.

BOTTOM LINE: You must establish and adhere to a sales process in order to generate consistent, measurable results.

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