Leak #16: Choosing the Right Sales Approach – Leaking Profits: Article 19

The way you sell is not a one-size-fits-all process. You might lean towards an in-house team of salespeople or rely more on Realtors.

Your company’s size and its actual velocity/absorption potential will dictate which type of approach will be most effective and efficient for you. You should be open to the reality that there are different methodologies to sell to your prospects. Some companies have discovered that they do best by using a combination of sales approaches.
• Realtor staffing
• Builder marketing services
• In-house builder team
• Cross selling
• Quadrant selling
• Full-time Online Sales Counselor
• Hybrid approaches

BOTTOM LINE: Before you stick to one sales approach, try on a few alternatives and explore the potential of each so that you choose the best method for your particular business.

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