Content Marketing Done Right

Earlier in this blog, I discussed the importance of content marketing done right on a homebuilder’s website. Posting quality content and doing it frequently will keep your website fresh and dynamic. That’s the key to improving your SEO and encouraging site visitors to keep coming back.

But I’ve had some questions from homebuilders about the definition of “quality content”, so I want to address some of the most common inquiries here.

What should I post?

Keep it relevant. Put yourself in the homebuyer’s head. What do they need and want to know—about the homebuying and building process, your company, and how you can make it a pleasurable experience. Stop selling and start educating. Enlighten them about what they should expect, what to look for, and issues they might not have considered yet. Great content should be useful, enjoyable, and inspired!

Post photos, videos, articles, guides, and other content that supports your desired position as the trusted advisor. Include photos and videos that give them a “tour” of your expertise—from planning and design through construction. Create an animated video that shows the construction by taking a series of photos from the same perspective and editing them together. Interview a homeowner to talk about the experience or offer a home tour. Provide useful information about the communities and the areas they’re in—things to do and see, history, great places to eat and shop, and a calendar of local events. Not only will you help them envision themselves in this location, but you show yourself to be part of the community.

How often should I update my site?

At LEAST once a week. Stop groaning. I don’t mean you have to do an extensive update every week. Upload new photos or a blog post. Spend a few minutes recording a short video—an interview with a sales associate or homeowner, a home tour, or even a trip through a local garden center to get landscaping ideas. Don’t over-complicate this step. Encourage your team to contribute their ideas and experiences.

What has the most influence on SEO: words, pictures, blogs, links, or videos?

While all of these components factor in to having great content, the words you use in your content will give you the most influence with the search engines. Keywords are indexed by these search engines. They match up keyword searches with those sites that have matching keywords, used frequently and in a relevant way.

Remember, however, that content marketing done right reflects the full range of web content. Be diverse. Be relevant. And be consistent!

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