The Smart Use of Real Estate Sites for Homebuilders

When searching for a high-ticket item—like buying a new home—your sales prospects are doing their homework. Not only is it their single biggest investment, but something they will, literally, live with for many years.

Information is everywhere—not necessarily good or reliable, but plenty of it. The majority of homebuyers start their new home search online. They’re browsing, checking out options and available properties, in the convenience and interruption-free anonymity of the cyberworld.

So, you need to be where they’re starting their search—on reputable sites like Zillow, Trulia,, and Homebuyers place high confidence in these referral sites, so you’re aligning your brand with an influential media source.

These real estate sites offer local advertising opportunities. You have the chance to put your brand out there, right in front of your potential homebuyers! And your ad is digital (i.e., interactive), not just one image, so you can do a lot with a small space. Check out these examples of builder ads on

If you’re listing your new homes on, you should also be using BDX (Builders Design Experience) to enhance your listings with a brand-building ad. Using this resource, you can target your advertising message to the homebuyer at specific stages in the home search process—casual browsing to ready to buy. Tailor your presentation to the mindset of the lead, whether you nurture or move in strong.

Referral sites for real estate present an exceptional builder advertising tool, both for your homes and your brand. If you’re not including this valuable media buy in your marketing budget, go back and recalculate!

If you’ve used sites like Zillow, Trulia,, and, what results have you experienced? Did you advertise or just post listings? Share your experience so others can benefit from your wisdom!

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