Are you on the cutting edge or bleeding edge?

Competition is tougher than ever. You must innovate to be a leader, and continue to do so to stay up there. People talk about being on the cutting edge of something—technology, style, change—and that used to be good enough to rise above.

“Good enough”. There’s a phrase that makes me cringe. Good enough isn’t good enough. And being on the cutting edge isn’t either.

Think outside the box

Think about it. The cutting edge is on the verge, perched and ready to slice. We believe the phrase to mean that someone—an individual or a company—is making exciting changes, but I don’t see it that way.

I’d rather be on the bleeding edge. The bleeding edge is that boundary that has not been broken. No one has yet to break through deeply enough to expose what lies behind it. Fear of the unknown, of pain, and of failure keep people at a safe distance from the bleeding edge. They don’t want to be bloodied. Leave that for someone else.

My question for you is, are you on the cutting edge or bleeding edge? Are you daring enough to explore new territory, even if it’s difficult, scary, or poses a threat to your livelihood?

The successful new home sales professionals are not content to sit back and follow the status quo. They keep looking for ways to innovate, in order to make themselves rise above the competition. They are creative in finding prospects, unique in making their presentation, and unafraid to explore new approaches to making a close. They don’t wait for others to give it a try and watch what happens.

Steve Jobs is an example of someone on the bleeding edge. He looked beyond the possibility of creating new technology. He deafened himself to scorn and skepticism as he focused on his goal. He succeeded where others failed because he clung to his belief that he could find a solution.

When you are working with a homebuyer, your goal is not to make a sale. You need to first make a difference. Do the unexpected. Ask the questions that other new home sales professionals are not. Dig deeper into your skill set, which is continually honed to a sharp edge.

Then, get off the edge. Make the cut. If you’re not willing to bleed, you’re never going to lead.

Myers Barnes is America’s favorite new home sales trainer, author, speaker and consultant.  For more information, please visit

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