Handling Leads & Prospects

In the months leading up to your launch, your sales team will generate leads and prospects. If you establish a lead-nurturing system for managing those potential homebuyers, you’ll proactively plan for greater success.

Your system should be easy to understand and follow and be monitored by management. If it’s too complicated, your sales team may stray from this essential program. You don’t need anyone going rogue with your leads and prospects!

52 Weeks Prior To LAUNCH

It can be hard to create and maintain momentum so far in advance, but before any

groundbreaking occurs on the property, your sales associates need to break ground on their lead generation and management. Remind them that this is a lengthy process, with an organized plan to follow. Start strong. Finish stronger!

  • Build A Prospect Database
  • Start A Referral Network
  • Start Working Your Leads

12 Weeks Prior To LAUNCH

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The event is in sight. Stay focused and pay attention to those details that will spark greater interest in the weeks leading up to your launch.

  • Focus Your Social Media On The Launch
  • Blog
  • Update Your Website To A Responsive Web Design

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