Six cool, calm approaches to selling your home during the winter

Don’t let challenging winter months affect the sale of your current home! Here are a few tips for selling your house in the winter.

Tips For Selling Your Home In The Winter

  • Think minimal yet warm. Keep holiday decorations minimal and tasteful. And make sure to take them down in a timely manner. Feel free to spread some warmth, though. Nothing is more welcoming than some hot apple cider or tea for potential buyers to savor as they explore your home. Plus, it’s never a bad thing for your chilled buyers to take a minute or two to warm up in the kitchen before heading back into the cold.
  • Keep it cozy. Tailor your listing description for wintertime. Play up the amenities that are desirable during the winter: an attached garage, a new water heater or HVAC components, a fireplace or skylights. You might also mention that your home is close to a gym or fitness center so that buyers know they can work out during winter months, when they’re less likely to be able to exercise outside.
  • Put a positive spin on winter. Not everyone hates winter, so play up your proximity to ski slopes, skating rinks, etc. You can also include that your home is within walking distance to the grocery store or pharmacy, or minutes from the bus or commuter rail line – all selling points if the weather is bad.
  • Price it right. Wintertime usually means fewer homes are on the market, so take advantage of it! A properly priced home can lead to a bidding war between buyers, which can ultimately increase the price you get for your home and decrease the time it’s on the market. On the other hand, an overpriced home can sit for months on the market, which is not something you want when spring rolls around and your competition spikes.
  • A home for all seasons. One of the challenges of selling a home in the winter is that curb appeal is, well, curbed. The flowerbeds are empty, the trees and shrubs are asleep. Since you don’t necessarily want to wait until springtime to show your home, you need to help buyers visualize what your home looks like during all seasons. Take photos of the cherry tree in the front yard that’s absolutely beautiful during the spring, or the oak out back that turns magnificent colors in October, or the hydrangea that’s glorious in June. Include these photos with your home’s online listing and highlight each season’s best features.
  • Winterize your open house. If you are having a winter open house, make sure your driveway, walkways, and porches are clear of snow and ice, and that the heat is on. Your potential buyers have slogged through the inclement weather, so set out a doormat mat so they feel welcomed and can wipe their feet before entering. The attention to detail will show that you care about your house, which potential buyers will appreciate.

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