Pressure Produces Results


As the saying goes: If it were easy, everyone would do it. Well, it isn’t easy and everyone doesn’t do it. Truth is, the majority of us want to avoid pressure and, by default, we also end up shunning success.

Whenever you climb upward (or out of your comfort zone), you will be subjected to newer and greater pressure as part of the responsibility of being more and having more. And yet you won’t accomplish a great victory without first experiencing a great battle. It’s your ability to fight the battles to persevere against the pressures of change and mediocrity that will set you apart.

Accept the fact that, in this life, you will have difficulties and pressure. So, when the times are quiet, fortify your mind by feeding it on words, thoughts and other things that are good, pure and inspiring. Then, when the external pressures hit (and they will), the positive pressure on the inside will be greater than the negative pressure on the outside and you will live in triumph.

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