It’s free money. Who can’t sell THAT?

Myers Barnes free money new home salesI recently had the honor to participate in a podcast with executive sales coach Chad Sanschagrin of Cannonball Mindset and Ronda Conger, author, speaker, and VP of CBH Homes in Idaho, along with Morgan Lurz, the dynamo who keeps Chad’s world in a manageable fashion (at least, the business side of it). The discussion covered a lot of issues happening right now, including the incredible potential this market represents. For those who are in new home sales, be advised that it’s free money to be had. Who can’t sell THAT?

We’re in a historical period right now. No one has had previous experience with selling during a pandemic. There was no training for this scenario. And yet, I still see builders around the country who are thriving. They aren’t the ones who insist that no one is buying. Their salespeople haven’t attended the mass pity parties going on. 

“If someone is calling you, doing a virtual tour of your homes, they are there to buy, people!” Ronda said with a blend of incredulity and her relentless passion. The motto at CBH Homes is “Survive, Adapt, Advance, Thrive.” 

Like CBH Homes, the builders who are thriving now were prepared with the technology to shift from physical sales to virtual selling. Their sites were already populated with virtual tours, videos, interactive floor plans, and lots of information. When the model homes had to close temporarily, the savvy pros went immediately to online mode. They already knew how to use technology and navigate their CRM. They were set up to offer instant, independent access to their homes so buyers could safely tour any home they wanted.

Consumers have adapted more quickly to this change than many of the builders and new home salespeople. Just like the successful sales pros, the successful buyers recognize the economic value attached to buying a home right now. There will likely never be interest rates as low as we’re seeing right now. It’s like borrowing money for free (almost). As the country inches back toward a safe, healthy culture (and economy), the rates will rise. The home prices will rise. And those who waited will pay more to buy a new home.

The builders who employ a sales team that isn’t acting on this opportunity will pay, perhaps more dearly. They’re losing out on buyers because they’ve misread the situation.

If those buyers aren’t purchasing from you, it’s because you didn’t sell them. And you didn’t sell them because you didn’t believe it was possible. You didn’t guide them with the confidence they needed. You didn’t deliver certainty.

Just prior to the pandemic, we were experiencing a first quarter with legendary numbers. When COVID-19 struck, everyone had to adapt to virtual sales—or suffer from none at all. Right now, as homebuyers have accepted this new way of buying a home, the data is proving that sales have been happening throughout the nationwide shutdown. 

If you can’t sell free money, I have some free advice you can have. Change careers.


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