New Home Sales Training

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Jumpstart your new home sales! Myers Barnes will infuse and enthuse your team with his breakthrough strategies, insights and streetwise know-how.


Invite Myers to your company and your team members will learn everything they need to turn obstacles into opportunities in an innovative breakthrough session that’s been customized just for you. His up-to-the minute strategies will show the way to unprecedented profitability in New Home Sales…beginning immediately.

At your private, in-house training session, Myers will show you and your team how to crack the code to moneymaking sales success in today's marketplace.

Have you dreamed about having a superstar sales team that exceeds its sales goals? Are you looking for ways to inspire and coach your people to achieve success? Do you want to turn around your sales organization? The keys to higher achievements are in your grasp. America's favorite—and freshest—new home sales training educator Myers Barnes will personally help you fulfill your dreams and achieve success in two power-packed days—right in your office. His proven, pioneering and lucrative strategies have worked time and time again. And now he's ready to teach you how to get where you want to go—and realize an instant increase in sales performance and your profit margins!

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Accept no substitutes:
At your private training session, Myers Barnes will personally teach you his Keys to Guaranteed Sales Success.

Myers Barnes created this sales training personally and he will personally deliver the material…one on one, face-to-face…with your team in real time. No pre-recorded video modules, no substitute teachers. These highly interactive sessions are delivered live by Myers, and only Myers.

You'll put his tried-and-true techniques and much more to work immediately! In his incomparable energetic style, Myers will not only inspire you and your sales staff, but will also teach you how to master a set of skills that will instantly generate more sales. These private training sessions—engaging, enthusiastic, and overflowing with fresh ideas—have transformed new-home sales offices all around the country. The results have been predictable: Success and Mega-Profits!

In a session customized specifically for your organization, you and your team will learn the secrets of how to:

  • Equip yourself with fresh, up-to the-minute approaches to achieve moneymaking sales today!.
  • Overcome your pesky competitor’s and Power past price resistance
  • Persuade Realtors to work in partnership with you—not against you.
  • Convert on-line shoppers to on-site sales.
  • Embrace technology and win today's buyers with ON-DEMAND Follow-up!
  • Immunize your sales team against "de-motivators" and ensure continual motivation.
  • Ignite the Internet and Social Media as part of the home-buying process.
  • Exceed your sales goals by huge margins and create monumental profits.
  • Master an innovative paint-by-the-numbers, Emotive Sales Process.
  • Increase the number of new homes sold, regardless of whether the market goes up, down or sideways.


Sales Managers and CEO’s:

Are you ready to maximize profitable sales? Let me tailor a private training session for you today.

Myers Barnes' private new home sales training session will teach you and your team proven strategies that become tools you will use to achieve greater—and—guaranteed success. Each team member will walk away from this session knowing the secrets of maximizing profitable sales in any market. Don't waste another moment of your profitable future. Contact Myers today. Success is within reach!

Sales superstar Myers Barnes and his proven successful strategies... that’s the way to turn straw into gold.”
Selling Power Magazine


“Myers has been working with our company for 10 consecutive years and every year regardless of economic conditions our sales and profits soar. Follow his advice and you' ll be guided to the sweet spot of Profitable Sales!”
Greg Simmons
Simmons Homes


“Myers' seminars are engaging and we use his profitable system in our business. But what is truly astounding is his accessibility after the program. He always makes himself available for on-going accountability and encouragement.”
Tim Rice
Whitestone Custom Homes


“We use Myers frequently because his methods are easy to use and simple to apply. Going beyond his money-making formula is his manner of caring. His seminars not only deliver profit driven guidance…but also considerate and compassionate advice.”
Reggie Garner
CEO, Magnolia Homes