New Home Sales Training: Excellence Is A Choice!

Tiger Wins Seven in a Row:

Tonight Tiger Woods won his seventh consecutive tournament competing at the Buick Open. Here are accompanying statistics as a result of the win:

Fifty-five career wins to date
Three consecutive wins at the Buick Open
Five overall wins at the Buick Open

Question? Do you think Tiger’s level of excellence is a choice?

Nido Qubein states: “Excellence is a choice, so is mediocrity.”

Aristotle said: “Excellence, then, is a state concerned with choice.

The Danish philosopher Kierkegaard says: “To not make a decision, is a decision within itself.” This means even when you do not make a decision that is a decision of procrastination. So every non-decision is actually a decision.

Let’s revisit Nido’s quote: “Excellence is a choice, so is mediocrity.” So by not deciding to be excellent, by default you actually choose mediocrity.

Choose excellence. Choose to be the best. Choose good health. Choose happiness. Choose well.

It’s your choice,


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