New Home Sales Training: The Law of Size

In sales there is a universal axiom called The Law of Size, which states, “Customers really have no more than six objections to owning the home or homesite you are selling.” You may hear what seems like countless objections; however, if you categorize them, you will find they normally fall into six basic topics. Figure out what those objections are before you make a presentation. Don’t wait until you are involved in the presentation and then find yourself trying to make up an answer. You must be proactive and show up prepared.

Here’s how the process works:

Identify all possible objections by yourself or brainstorm with team members.

Write the objections down. Don’t think it, ink it!

Script potent responses. After identifying all objections, develop ironclad scripted responses and airtight answers.

Rehearse the scripted responses in role-play. Practice, drill, and rehearse until your planned responses feel natural. This is professionalism of the highest degree.

Do this and, when the predictable objections surface, you can easily, effortlessly, and automatically move to the close.

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