Creature or Creator?

There are some salespeople (and I use that term loosely) who sit and wait for prospects to wander into their new home model. They are the gatherers, not the hunters. I call them the "Creatures of Traffic". This creature lies in wait for the prey to come into sight and then pounces gently or voraciously, but it doesn’t matter. The Creature of Traffic is not a true salesperson because unless those prospects come within reach, they are unattainable.

Then there is the Creator of Traffic. Now, this is a sales professional. The Creator stirs up the prospect pool, journeying beyond the walls of the model to find those people who might be interested in this unique property but don’t know it yet. They create traffic, they generate leads, and they close sales far more sales than the Creature.

The Creator says, "I’m not waiting. I’m going to find those leads and bring them to this model.” But the Creature just waits.

The Creator of Traffic knows that the majority of sales comes from referrals and builds relationships with people who can make those referrals. The Creature waits for those referrals to seek him out.
Which do you want to be?

I challenge you to set a goal to build at least one new referral source every day. Talk to realtors, colleagues, financial advisors, and other business owners. Cultivate the relationships with the people who have already purchased from you so that your name is number one on their mind when someone mentions they’re thinking of buying a home.


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