Getting Back to Business

Mark Twain wrote: "Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated."

On January 5th I had a precautionary medical procedure. Thankfully, no serious problem was detected, and the doctors have certified me as 100% healthy, with just a little rest needed to recover properly.

I have turned this whole event into a sales/life lesson, one that even applies to the real estate market: You beat the market first with your mind before you can beat it with your actions and work. If you want to actually make sales, you make the sale in your mind first before you make it in the marketplace. If you cannot conquer your mind you cannot conquer the market. Control your thinking, control the market.

So I won’t be able to attend IBS 2009 as I am resting at home but will be back up to full speed within a few short weeks.

Talk to you soon,


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