Show Me the Way: EFFECTIVE SIGNAGE, Part 2

By following some basic rules, we can ensure that we see real returns on our signage investment, ensure that we’re giving sales staff everything they need to get traffic flowing, and remove any room for excuses. Here are some more fundamental rules for making sure that we get the most from our signage.

These signs, while temporary, are absolutely invaluable for driving traffic. They include A-frames, flags, spinners, etc, with messages such as "Now Open", "Event Today", "Decorated Model," etc, and they should all naturally list the property name and contact information including phone number and website address should those interested not have time to stop for your event.

Rental outdoor signage like billboards can be very cost-effective, despite what you may have thought about their cost before. Rather than using these signs as branding for your company’s offerings and lifestyle, etc, these should be used as very large "directional" signs that are simple, basic, and to the point: OPAL POINT / NEW TOWNHOMES / NEXT LEFT" and of course, again, you must include the property website address.

Finally, what makes signage effective is ensuring that it is engaging and attention-getting while also being easy to read, easy to pull the essential information from (see the criteria for "Entrance Sign" above), and ensuring that all signs are consistent—that is, that each clearly looks like it came from the same property. When signs do not appear to be all from or for the same property, they are confusing to the prospect. And consistency helps build recognition, further maximizing your investment.

There are of course more kinds of signage, and things you can do with them, but these are the essentials you must follow to make sure your signage is really working for you as hard as possible.

Stay tuned for more from real estate advertising and e-marketing expert Tom Nelson of NDG Communications.

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