Reaching Out to Realtors

Here are some cold, hard facts about New Home Sales in the 21st Century: Nationwide, more than 50% of all new home sales have been through a realtor. In fact, some builders have seen his figure rise to as high as 90% over the past year. Why is this the case?

In our challenged marketplace, with the overwhelming negative press the economy and the housing market have received, prospective buyers are now simply afraid, and feel that they must have representation to help them buy a home, and protect them from what they perceive as predatory sales people. This perception, while not often based in reality, is not one that will go away any time soon.

So, to market new homes, we must have a complete and easy REALTOR OUTREACH PROGRAM that clearly tells the realtor two fundamental facts:

First: What’s in it for the realtor? Offer clear incentives, a co-op percentage, bonuses, and any other incentives like trips, etc, real motivators for the realtor to bring prospects to your property, and put them right up front in all of your outreach.

Second: What’s in it for the realtor’s client? What can you do to help with price reductions, closing costs, financing, etc? And can you offer more options or upgrades?

Part 2 of this article will be posted next week. Stay tuned for more from real estate advertising & e-marketing expert Tom Nelson of NDG Communications.

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