The Glass is NEVER Half Empty

There’s a glass in front of you with some water in it.

Is it half empty or half full?

You know the drill here. If you answer "half empty,” you have a pessimistic mindset while a response of "half full" means you’re an optimist. But I’d like to take this debate a bit farther. When you fill the glass halfway with water, the remainder is filled with air. Air, like water, is matter. It’s a scientific reality. So, the glass is always full, even when there is just a single drop of water.

When you’re in the new home sales profession, you need the mindset of an optimist. You must take the attitude that anything is possible, because once you fall into the "half empty" mode, you’ve compromised your potential for success. How many times have you encountered a prospect who is "just looking?”

Well, if you believe that there is no opportunity to convert a browser into a buyer, you’re fooling yourself. And the unfortunate result is that the opportunity will instantly disappear. It will resurface for another new home salesperson who is motivated and skilled enough to cultivate that browser.

I have taught new home selling techniques to countless people, but I can’t "teach" mindset. I can give you many reasons why you need to change your attitude but only you can make that shift. It’s all an issue of mind over matter. If you can convince yourself that the glass will never be empty, then I guarantee you will never go thirsty.


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