Your Life as Art

When you are born, you’re a blank canvas, without fears or beliefs. You build your system as you go, with the influence of family, friends, teachers, colleagues, and even some vague acquaintances. This is your life tableau, an artful compilation of the people, places, and events that have shaped your beliefs, inspired your passion, instilled your fears, and motivated your success.

So what happens if that painting isn’t quite the artwork you hoped it would be? Do you stop looking at it? I hope not, because that means you’ve given up on the possibility of finding more joy, success, and opportunity.

Go back to this mural and add more brush strokes. Change the way you put the colors on the canvas. That brush could add the stroke of brilliance you need to be inspired to achieve greatness in your life.

Think about it this way. It’s likely that your parents and family programmed you, your peers influenced you, your teachers taught you. Look at that chain as the colors in your palette. What do you want to change? Whom do you want to listen to? Who should you ignore?

Changing your life tableau is a matter of altering your mindset and perspective. To do that, you need to first understand what causes you to make decisions, to feel emotions (fear, love, excitement, surprise, anger), and to react. Shed the negative thinkers like a used-up brush that’s lost its bristles. Refresh the colors in your palette that have dried up or lost their lustre.

Then display this new objet d’art to the world and reap the praise and positive energy that comes back to you.


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