The New Game of Negotiation

Do you remember when you walked into a car dealership prepared to play the negotiation game? You make your offer. The salesman walks into the manager’s office and chats for a few minutes to make you believe he’s ardently negotiating on your behalf. Then he slides a piece of paper across the desk to you with the manager’s best offer. You head for the door, expecting the salesperson to haul you back with the sweet deal—which he likely does.

Nowadays, car deals are made on the Internet. You know what you want and make your deal via this virtual dealership. Click, click, click, and you’re done. You go to the dealership and sign the papers, or, in some cases, a dealer brings the car and paperwork to you. Either way, the game of negotiation has changed.

But here we are in the new homes industry where negotiation is the game. Every single day, you negotiate five- and six-figure deals in an atmosphere where the rules have changed. How are you rising to the challenge of negotiating in this competitive environment where buyers have raised the stakes? What strategies are you using to close the deal? I’ve asked this question at many seminars and I’m met with blank stares. You can’t afford to rely on the old playbook because the other players, the buyers, are calling your bluff. Step up to the plate and invest some time right now in developing a strategy for dealing with absurd offers, countering objections, and setting up your winning ways!

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