How healthy is your business–New Home Sales Training

I recently wrote about health as a deficiency need. It only seems to take precedence in our lives when we begin to feel ill, at which time we’re already operating at a loss.

Business health is a similar concern. When things are prosperous, we don’t focus on growing the client list, but maintaining the volume we have. We’re busy taking care of the clients who are calling today, without thinking about those who need to be contacting us in the future. Suddenly, the phones aren’t ringing and the prospects aren’t parading through the sales model. And, without the leads to convert, your business health will suffer.

Let me tell you, it is never "sudden". The lull is the result of ignoring your lead generation system. You’ve been so busy managing the leads you have that you didn’t take the time to do include preventative "health care" measures. Much like taking vitamins, watching your diet, and exercising regularly will keep your body working better, being watchful over your lead generation process will keep your business performing as it should.

With an active, ongoing lead generation process, you won’t have these gaps in sales. The time to implement one is not when the leads have dried up. By then, it’s too late. You know how long it takes to cultivate a lead and close the deal. Do you want to be starting that process after the cash flow has slowed to a trickle? Definitely not!

Take some time today to look at your lead generation tools. How can you incorporate a system to keep the process constant? What kind of exercise regime do you need for your business to ensure a healthy dose of new leads on an ongoing basis?

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