Procrastination is the opportunity thief–New Home Sales Training

Initiative is a valuable trait in a person. Taking initiative is the mark of a self-starter who can see what needs to be done without being told. It is that invaluable professional who doesn’t need hand-holding to complete a task. The self-starters on my team enable me to spend my time more profitably, so I value that skill.

On the other side of the spectrum sits the procrastinator. He sits and sits and sits. He waits for someone to give him a task and then manages to rationalize its imminent delay. Many procrastinators are just plain lazy or woefully indifferent. The problem with caring less is carelessness. Their casualness is your casualty because you are paying for no results. Those people have no place on your team. They have chosen to de-hire themselves by not complying with the needs of the job.

Other procrastinators are afraid of making the wrong decision so they make none at all. As the manager of these struggling professionals, instill in them that it is more important to make a wrong decision. If you screw up, fix it. Inaction is inertia. Nothing happens.

Procrastination is the sneakiest thief of every opportunity that comes your way. Initiative is the combatant. General Douglas MacArthur said security is your ability to produce a result, which makes you employable.

The ability to take action now separates the achievers from the rest of the team. If you can’t turn your procrastinators into self-starters, start over with new members who innately understand the difference.

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