Psychology of change Factor #6: Pessimist or Optimist

Change doesn’t just happen. It takes effort to alter a behavior or situation in your life. I’ve been discussing the psychology of change recently. I’ve covered the first five steps: Dissatisfaction, Discipline, Attitude, Environment, and Locus of Control .

Now, I’d like to take you through the sixth step on the change ladder: Pessimism versus Optimism.

You’ve heard it ad nauseum: Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?

The Optimist sees the glass as half full. This is a positive viewpoint that the glass is filling up, not being drained of its contents. With this mindset, you see all things as possible. There is no failure, only lessons learned, which leads to pursuing new opportunities. Each step is a move forward.

The Pessimist is looking in the other direction. Because the glass is not filled to the brim, it’s on its way to becoming empty. The pessimist is the person who plays the devil’s advocate, finding the opposition to your vision. This is the individual who responds with, "I’m just being realistic." The reality here is that if you believe in negative outcomes, they become a foregone conclusion. If you want to achieve something remarkable, you have to think remarkably.

Once you are committed to making a positive change in your life, start with a positive outlook. Believe that you can achieve. Know that mistakes will happen and you can learn from them. A misstep can potentially lead you in a different and better direction!

Optimism makes you rich and pessimism makes you poor, not just in the wallet but in life.

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