7 Sales Lessons I’ve Learned from QVC

I watch QVC. I admit it. It’s not because I’m a fan of gadgets or a collector of costume jewelry. I tune in to see the selling expertise. QVC should be required viewing for any salesperson. Every day, you can receive valuable sales training. Here are seven lessons I’ve learned from this home shopping cable network.

1. Always create urgency. On QVC, there is always a clock is in the background. Tick tick tick. “Here’s a one-of-a-kind collectible.” Tick tick tick. “You never know when we’ll have this again.” Tick tick tick.

2. Be a great storyteller. Don’t sell the product; sell the story behind it, the experience from it, and the excitement surrounding it. Use the power of third party testimonials. QVC gets call-ins from satisfied buyers who sweeten the appeal of the item on the selling block. “I bought that spatula that holds bacon while it flips the egg and it has made cooking breakfast a breeze.”

3. Be enthusiastic and have fun. Selling is the transfer of emotions. Energy levels are infectious — whether they are high or low. Animate your presentation and your buyer will be carried along on the wave of excitement.

4. Build value. Many viewers switch on QVC as a distraction. They’re “just looking”. But within minutes, they’ll frequently find themselves drawn into making a purchase on impulse because the salesperson has made it irresistible. Price is secondary when the appeal is sufficient to the buyer.

5. Have a scripted and planned presentation. Look at QVC sales stars like Warren Popeil and Suzanne Somers. They aren’t salespeople by profession. They follow a prepared script and understand which “touch points” turn a browser into a buyer. They don’t just wing it.

6. Use thoughtful language. Words are powerful tools. Weave a colorful tapestry that inspires imagination. For example. QVC doesn’t sell costume jewelry. A cubic zirconia on this channel is describe as “diamonique”, bringing with it the essence of a valuable jewel. The setting isn’t gold-plated; your exquisite 2-carat, diamonique solitaire is set in 24-karat layered gold. Elevate your words from ordinary to extraordinary. Sell a homesite, not a lot, and a home, not a house,

7. Close throughout their presentation. Count it. Every 120 seconds, the QVC pitch person issues a close. Time is running out. This exceptional leatherette case is easy to care for yet has the look and feel of buttery soft Brazilian leather. I’ve just been told we only five left. Look at the compartments. And look how easy it converts from the shoulder to the hand strap. Doesn’t this look better than the case you’re carrying around now?

Analyze your selling process and you’ll realize you can learn a lot from QVC.

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