Forget 3-D movies. You need 3-D Marketing.

Back in my early days of the construction business, I worked for a builder of high-end coastal homes. He once told me, “I’m not necessarily a builder. That’s not my business. I’m in the sales and marketing business. Building is my medium.”

Medium is a means of communicating. Television is a medium. The internet is a medium. And building houses is a medium. Your houses communicate to buyers what you’re capable of doing. They show off your handiwork, your craftsmanship, your style.

However, as great as your homes might be, if you don’t have effective sales and marketing, buyers won’t know about them. And if you don’t move your “goods out of the woods,” you could go out of business.

How do you get your homes into the hands of buyers? With 3-D marketing: Desire, Draft and Determination. Start with an unshakable Desire to implement a vibrant sales and marketing campaign. Then come up with a Draft … a plan of action to make it happen. And finally the most important element you need is Determination … the drive … the perseverance to see it through.

As Noel Coward put it, “Thousands of people have talent. I might as well congratulate you for having eyes in your head. The one and only thing that counts is this: Do you have staying power?”

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