Isn’t It Time?

Come to the edge, he said.
We might fall, the people cried.
Come to the edge!
It’s too high!
They came.
He pushed,
And they flew.

I beckon all builders to come to the edge. Stop worrying about discounting, incentives, sales events, competition. Leave all that behind and come to the edge … to the place where you draw the line and say, “I’ll go this far and no further.”

I won’t continue competing against builders with sharper pencils than mine. I won’t keep justifying the prices of my homes instead of selling buyers on their value. I won’t keep making excuses for why I’m not turning a profit. I am the producer of my circumstances; not the product of them.

I won’t allow others to define my business. I will write that definition myself. It won’t be easy, but I will take a stand on the edge … and I will fly.

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