Talking Turkey

Thanksgiving … a quiet celebration of our nation’s beginning and a subtle reminder of the simple principle of sowing and reaping. It is the nationally mandated day of giving thanks for the bounty found in seeds, the beauty found in seasons and the blessings found all around us.

Before pulling up to the table and digging into that Thanksgiving dinner, however, take a moment and chew over what the turkey on that platter can teach you.

Lesson 1. If you travel light in life, you might reach new heights. Contrary to popular opinion, turkeys really can fly … or at least the wild ones can. While they may not soar like eagles, they can still become airborne. It’s the fattened-up domestic turkeys that remain grounded and destined for dinner.

Lesson 2. Don’t be boastful. By nature, turkeys are just as “proud” as peacocks. Tom turkeys will puff up their bodies, grunt loudly, strut around and shake their feathers in an effort to attract a mate. Unfortunately, they also attract the farmer, who sees a meal. Puffing yourself up to exaggerate your own importance could lead to your downfall.

Lesson 3. A turkey’s wishbone doesn’t replace its backbone.

Lesson 4. A turkey is comprised of light parts and dark parts. So is life. Keep your focus on the lighter side and leave the dark parts alone. Remember…if you count your blessings, you will always show a profit.

Wishing you a Thanksgiving stuffed with all good things.


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