I may be indecisive. I’m just not sure.

Ambiguity has no role in business. If you can’t make a decision, you just can’t make it in new home sales. By putting off making a particular decision, you’re actually making another one … a decision to procrastinate.

As Henry Ford pointed out, “Indecision is often worse than a wrong action.”

If you’re in management, you need to be able to offer a solution when your salespeople come to you with a problem. If you’re in sales, you must be able to make solid decisions that advance your career and aid your clients.

For every decision you put off … or pull off … today, you will have 10 more tomorrow. If you delay decision-making until the end of the month, 300 decisions will still be hovering and you will have nothing to show. On the other hand, being decisive will push you closer to achieving your goals.

“Hold on,” you say, “What happens if I make a decision and it’s wrong?” Hey, that’s a given. You will make bad, wrong, inappropriate, untimely decisions. When that happens, remember “execute and evaluate.”

You make a decision. You execute (do) it. Then you evaluate the result. If it isn’t what you want, start over. Make another decision based upon what you now know.

Unfortunately, what usually happens is that we force a bad decision to fit the result we want. When it doesn’t, we offer an explanation … correct or not … as to why this didn’t turn out as we expected. There. Problem solved. We did something, identified why it didn’t work, and that’s that. We lapse into an uneasy form of contentment.

However, our brains aren’t so easily fooled. They know the score. Deep within those little gray cells is a tiny voice saying, “You screwed up. You should have started over and made a different decision that would have sent you in another direction toward the same goal. Instead, you ran with what you had … bad idea. It isn’t surprising that it didn’t get you where you wanted to be.”

Indecision is the thief of opportunity. Don’t let it rob you.

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