Do you scatter or gather?

Referrals are the lifeblood of a sales career. They are the reported number-one source of new leads for builders and Realtors alike. Selling to buyers who were referred by happy customers are the least expensive leads and the easiest to close.

In spit of this, however, the majority of salespeople don’t ask for referrals. Instead, once that contract is signed, they head in one direction and their buyers go in another.

What about you? Do you scurry off to your car or do you hang around long enough to pick up some referrals?

If you’d rather gather than scatter, here’s how to do it effectively.

At closing, after all documents are signed and business is complete, say to your new home buyers:

YOU: “Bill and Jane, you now own a wonderful new home. Are you excited?”

BUYERS: “Oh, yes! We can’t wait to get moved in and settled!”

YOU: “So, tell me, who will be the first people you tell about your new home?”

BUYERS: “Well, our family, of course. Then, our friends who live in the same area. It’ll be nice to be close to them … maybe even have them over for dinner and to show off our home.”

YOU: “That sounds like fun. I was wondering … are any of your relatives or friends in the market for a new home?” By mentioning family and friends, the buyers will focus on certain faces of people they know.

Write down the names your buyers give you. Get any specific information you can about the housing needs of these referrals. Ask for contact information. If your buyers are willing to call them on your behalf, great! If not, ask if you can use their names when you call.

Get in touch with all referrals within a week and follow up with your buyers to say “thank you.” Repeat the cycle with every buyer all year.

Remember…don’t scatter. Gather. And benefit from a little name dropping.

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