Video Blog: The Worst New Home Sales Closing Technique

What is the worst closing technique a new home sales agent can use? It’s the worst question a sales agent can ask a prospect. Well what do you think? No I’m not asking you what your answer is, I’m telling you, that’s the worst question you can ask a home buyer! Well what do you think?

Behavioral scientists say that with a question like that you imprint. You imprint that they should go back and think about it. A better question to ask at the end of your presentation is do you have any question before we begin the paperwork. If they say yes, you answer their questions and then ask if you’ve answered them satisfactorily. When they say yes, you can proceed.

If you ask the question do you have any questions before they start the paperwork and they say, “No.” Well then no means yes. No questions means yes they are ready to start the paperwork.

Next time you find yourself at the end of your sales presentation, remember, don’t ask them what they think. Ask them if they have any questions. Click here to see the video on YouTube.

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