Interview: Kevin Oakley And His New eBook Presale Without Fail

There is a brand new resource being made available for FREE (you will need a special code at the end of this blog post) that can change the way you release new communities – and get you more sales. It’s called Presale Without Fail: The Secret to Launching New Communities & Phases with Maximum Results a new eBook written by my friend Kevin Oakley the Director of Marketing & Sales Training for Heartland Homes in Pittsburgh, PA. He shares how to sell multiple homes on the day one without the need for a model home – or even paved streets! It’s step-by-step and proven to work.

I asked him to tell us a little bit about how it all works, and to answer some common questions he receives from others in the industry.


Thanks Myers! I really can’t wait to see how this eBook will impact builders across the country – and I do hope you all will share your successes with me. Here are the answers to the most common questions I am asked about Presale Without Fail:

Q: My builder already creates a VIP list of people who are interested, how is this different?
A: It’s true that most builders today have VIP lists or waiting lists. That isn’t the challenge. Where most builders fail is that they don’t know what to do with that list to turn it into sales. What I outline is not just how to get more people on your list, but what to do with them at every step. The most common mistake I see is that they try to hold private VIP meetings with each prospect where the give them all the information up front and then people disappear… never to be heard from again.

Q: Isn’t your success going to be directly related to how much demand there is for your location?
A: The short answer is no. When I really knew that I had something that worked is when we had a new phase of an existing community about to open. The previous year we had only sold eight homes, and the new phase was the same product, at the same price point, and on the same size home sites. Using the Presale Without Fail process we sold eight homes on the first day the phase released.

Q: Do I have to be a large home builder to make this process work?
A: Not at all. Of course, a larger builder may have an easier time of the initial awareness of the project, but as a smaller builder you’ll be able to be more personal with every prospect. This book really levels the playing field and puts you back in control of your success, and not the current state of the market.

Q: Why are you giving this away for free if it is so valuable?
A: There are several reasons. The first is that I love to network with others in the industry and to learn from them what is working, and what isn’t. My hope is that this eBook opens new doors and new conversations that can lead to a true sharing of insights. I am not selling anything, and I am not looking to sell consulting and speaking services. The second reason is that it is my way of giving back to an industry that I love, and that has done so much for me and my family.

Presale Without Fail won’t be released until September 29th, but as a friend of Myers I’d like to offer you the opportunity to download it now. Just go to and enter presale-myers as your pre-release code. By doing so, you will also be entered into a random drawing for one hour of Skype time with me to answer any questions you have about how to implement this with your builder!

I hope you enjoy the book, and I’d love to hear your experiences putting it into action!

– Kevin Oakley

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