Today’s model home may have Windows® … but no doors.

Too many builders are shackled by tradition and the how-things-used-to-be approach to sales. That’s understandable. For decades, buyers have gone to model homes to see what builders are offering. Today, however, technology has replaced tradition.

Nine out of 10 buyers search online before climbing into their cars to scout for new homes and to scope out neighborhoods. Therefore, it’s essential that builders have a Web site that showcases what they’re selling.

Unfortunately, builders who are accustomed to spending half a million dollars on a model home will scoff at the idea of spending $30 to $40 thousand for a first-class Website. And, if they do have a Website, they reject the idea that it needs to be staffed with a full-time online sales counselor. To these builders, I say dream on.

The reality is that your Website is your new model home and it must be staffed just as any model home would be. It should also have floor plans and top-quality photographs or renderings of your homes … maybe even have a printable brochure. It should emphasize the quality and the value found in your homes and include some testimonials from previous buyers.

Hire a professional to put it all together because buyers will conclude that, since you have a well-built Website, your homes will be well-built, too.

Do it right and you will reach hundreds of more buyers through your Website than you ever will onsite.

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