New Home Sales Training: Negotiation Skills Are an Acquired Talent

Sales is a profession, and just like any profession, it requires ongoing training. There is no end to what you can and should be learning. To call yourself a “professional” in this field, you need to do more than spend your days trying to close deals. You need to invest in your sales education.

One of the biggest training gaps I see among new home salespeople is in the fine art of negotiation. Now, they spend their days trying to convince people to buy a new home, and negotiating the deal is the linchpin to success here. Sure, they can close the sale, but did they negotiate the best price for the builder or developer? Are they making concessions too readily?

If you truly want to excel in your field, you need to learn more about the techniques involved in successful negotiation. Take a class. Read. Practice. Learn the secrets of successful negotiation. You’ve got to understand how to read the cues and be ready with intelligent, thoughtful responses. You should know in advance the limits of your incentives and concessions—and be prepared to hold tight to them rather than toss them out freely like beads at a Mardi Gras parade.

You should be so prepared before entering a negotiation that you masterfully guide it to the best outcome for your client. Shooting from the hip in a negotiation is like playing Russian roulette. There’s a pretty good chance you’re going to lose.

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