New Home Sales Training: Self-talk Scenario #5

This next scenario is all too common on new home sales sites across the country. The incentive seekers feel their best bargaining chip is the fact that “other people are doing it.”

Buyer says: “We’ve looked a lot at houses online and noticed many builders are offering incentives to buyers, like free upgrades, free entertainment centers, discounts, prepaid association dues/property taxes/closing costs. Is your builder offering any incentives?”

Buyer thinks: “If I’m willing to buy one of your homes, I want something more for my money. I’m entitled to all I can get in today’s market.”

You think: “Here’s one more buyer looking for something for nothing.”

You say: “I’m glad you asked! We offer impressive homes, a wonderful location, an incredible school district, fantastic customer service and we are an Energy Star™ builder. As you can see, we have a lot to offer! Not only that, when you find a particular home you want to own, we have some tremendous financing incentives as well.”

Buyer says: “All that sounds good, but can’t you offer some kind of incentive like other builders?”

You say: “We offer no incentives that apply across the board. Instead, our incentives differ from home to home. They can be a substantial amount, yet they will vary based on the particular home/homesite you choose and the time-frame you need before moving. The first step is to select a home you really like and then we can discuss the incentive as it applies to that one-of-a-kind home.”

Again by understanding what the buyers are really thinking you can guide the process the way you want it to go, and avoid dumping incentives in order to get them to purchase your home.

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